Services that Prestige Wings Provides.

Our itineraries are designed to give you that unique feeling of getting to know Costa Rica's, best with a schedule that best suits your needs. Our flights can be domestic or international connections.

Costa Rica Charter Flights: Local and International.

Helicopters and aircraft flights Costa Rica

Prestige Wings provides access to all regions of Costa Rica including remote locations in the southern peninsula of Osa, the adventure of tropical forests and unforgettable vacations in the Caribbean coast.
Our itineraries are designed to give you that unique feeling of getting to know Costa Rica's best with a schedule that best suits your needs. The flights are operated from international airports with connection or regional connection.

Benefits of charter flights

  • You decide the time of departure.
  • Welcoming service and transportation to and from international airports.
  • Capacity of 5 to 18 passengers (Beechcraft King Air).
  • Private Charter means the exclusive use of aircraft for you.
  • Panoramic flights to all destinations. (Aircaft and Helicopter)
  • Access to international connecting flights.
  • Costa Rica is a small country, however reaching your destination can take up to 5 hours, while on a charter flight it takes less than 45 minutes.

Aircraft Management

Charter Flights Costa Rica

Maximize Your Productivity. Prestige Wings program management allows you to enjoy the benefits of owning an aircraft without the need of managing operations, legal paperwork, mechanical maintenance and logistics, which demands a lot of time. Our services will provide lower costs, greater efficiency and safety.
We provide assistance in the administrative, operational and human field related with the daily management of aircraft. This allows you and your partners to focus on what they do best, manage and develop your business.

Optional income program

Your aircraft can generate an optional monthly income during the period of time you decide not to use it. Through a bilateral agreement with our team you can be part of our service operations of charter flights.
This additional revenue can cover the costs of operating the aircraft and making it an important asset of the company.
For more information on handling and management services on how we can collaborate with your company, please contact us at phone number (506) 8389-7134. Or you can send an email to reservations@prestigewings.com

More services

As part of our charter services, we are willing to coordinate ground logistics to assure our passengers a pleasant journey from the moment they leave their home, office or hotel to the airport or chosen destination. This service includes VIP transportation, helicopter and accommodation (hosting) services.
Our helicopters are convenient and efficient air transportation. Mobilizing in a helicopter is extremely popular for those wishing to travel in style or when time and convenience are important. Take off’s are usually at airports, in Resorts, golf courses, islands or wherever you can imagine it possible.
Helicopters are the ideal way to film or take aerial photographs, offering better angles of a specific location. The doors can be removed to provide an overview without any hindrance. Helicopters can be flown at very low altitudes, may be slowed down to a mid-air hover to make very close shots of the desired objective. This specialized type of filming flight and photography is usually restricted to essential staff and passengers. The minimum flight time for this activity is 1 hour.
Many real estate companies, real estate developers and related industries require over flights and inspections with their teams and corporate clients.
Helicopters can meet your needs quickly and efficiently, saving time and increasing productivity to your customers in general. Our helicopters can make landings almost anywhere, as long as we have the consent of the owner of the property.
Our helicopters offer the possibility of enjoying the most breathtaking views of Costa Rica. Share these natural sceneries with your family or friends. We offer the option of charter flights with multiple helicopters to large groups of passengers
Our customers can choose to travel with our VIP tour guide, who organizes services like deluxe ground transportation, limousine or VIP helicopter transportation.
From the moment you contact us, our VIP tour guide supported by our team of aviation professionals will ensure that your trip will be everything you expect from a company that is dedicated to exclusive VIP charter flights.