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Prestige Wings is a fast growing full service aeronautical company. We specialize in charter flights within Costarican territory, we manage aircraft operations, and we sell and purchase aircrafts and helicopters.
We have built our company forging strong business relationships with our customers. Our dedication comes from the same customer service philosophy that provides the highest standards of quality, professionalism and performance.
Our solid reputation with over 25 years experience as airline pilots and corporate pilots support the quality with which we comply with the requirements, needs and expectations of each customer that flies with us.

Our Services

Costa Rica Airplane Charter Flights, Costa Rica Helicopter Charter Flights, Costa Rica Local and International Flights, Airplane and Helicopter Management, Airplane and Helicopter Maintenance, Costa Rica Aviation Services and Solutions, Aviation Logistic Services and Solutions, Costa Rica Domestic and International Flight Offers and Discounts; makes us an excellent alternative for your next flight.
A company created to effectively meet the needs of private Costa Rica and International transportation services, customizing every charter flight to each client needs. We provide the alternative to the challenges and limitations associated with traditional commercial flights and to the need of reaching the various destinations that Central America offers from the comfort of an airplane or helicopter.

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Costa Rica occupies a privileged position within the unspoiled and tropical paradise of Central America. The 19.652 square miles in this country are blessed by the Atlantic and Pacific oceans with beautiful beaches and unique biodiversity. Costaricans are proud to have over a century of democratic tradition and more than 62 years of no army. It is the only Latin American country included in the list of 22 world's oldest democracies. The funds the country saves by not having an army are implemented to improve life quality of its citizens in both health and education. This contributes to social peace that makes Costa Rica the perfect place to visit.

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About Us

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Our Services

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Our Fleet: King Air, AS 350 B3, Piper Seneca & more


Reasons for choosing us:

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    Our Costa Rica Charter Flights rates are accessible. The prices we can give you for our Local and International Charter Services can open new opportunities to you. Please Quote with us and check the benefits we provide.

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    Our Charter Flight Services

    The variety and quality of our Charter Flight Aviation Services and Solutions, along the Costa Rica Charter Flight Destinations you can reach, makes Prestige Wings your best choice to fly with.

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    Customer Service

    The most important thing is your satisfaction, we take care every day on improving to always give the best experiences to our customers, and most important to always meet their expectations.

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    With the experience gained through the years in Costa Rica Domestic Charter Flight Services and International Charter Flight Services; Prestige Wings is committed to provide a high quality service to its customers.