Prestige Wings & Grandes Esperanzas

Grandes Esperanzas is a nonprofit foundation that provides underprivileged children opportunities to improve their lives, for the environments in which they live don´t provide their needs. The Foundation seeks to furnish help in education and early therapeutic care to students in Escazú, with the goal of creating a positive environment for learning and this way preventing children from dropping out of school, guiding this population to be a productive part of our society in the future.

For this reason Prestige Wings extends them a helping hand to contribute to the important work they do every day, preserving childhood and good education of our country. For every hour of flight we donate $4 to this foundation, contributing to its daily growth, bringing joy and supplying for many of the needs of Costa Rican children.

Very rarely great accomplishments are achieved in the best initial conditions, but dreaming and a helping hand of someone who believes in that dream is a good start. It is for this reason that Prestige Wings is a company that believes in supporting and motivating children who have little resources but have a dream. We believe that dreams and goals are achievable; we are a living testimony of it; thus we support education, creativity and transformation of life in these children.


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